Join us for a day of Discovery & Balance


 If you have clicked onto this page then you are open to the possibility of change.

This could be change from you current environment, change of a particular circumstance or you may be looking for more  work/play  balance.  Whatever the reason we hope you can join us for a day of learning, having fun and gaining insight, into the potential of your life.

We will combine facilitated learning, of different areas of mind and body therapies and training, with experiental activity. Maybe you are really stuck in a rut with no way out, or you find yourself at a crossroads and unable to make a choice as to  which direction to take.
THIS DAY IS FOR YOU...When is it?

bring2mind in conjuction with MRPT training & fitness, DRobertson Accupuncturist, our resident nutritionist, and our guest Reikki Master promise you a day that will bring balance into your current environment and provide you with the positive energy you need to begin to change the things that no longer serve you in your life.
E-mail us today and we will send you details  of the event and price. This promises to be a day filled with lighhearted fun combined with tools you need to facilitate balance and change.  You will learn how to be in control of your life, able to undersfand how and what restricts you, and how to move beyond it. You will have fun, feel relaxed and feel more positive, able to make clear and conscious decisions for positive us for details today...

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