A little anxiety is no bad thing!

Feeling anxious is a normal human condition and is one of the ways that humans adapt and survive in the world. However, when anxiety levels become out of line with the "threat" or perceived risk we face then anxiety can become a big issue.

It's a little like having a house alarm that somehow has been set on too sensitive. Even if the wind rattles the windows on a stormy night, it can set that alarm off and cause all sorts of feelings of panic to occur when no real threat of a break-in was there in the first place.

Recognising these inappropriate responses to situations and dealing with them with a simple and easy to learn technique is the first step in reducing anxiety conditions and preventing panic attacks from occurring.

Don't go on living with anxiety and panic attacks. At bring2mind we understand how these conditions can dominate lives and we give you the knowledge and skills to prevent them from occurring.

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