A small selection of client quotes
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Flying  phobia—Beverley , Aldershot
“It will be my third flight tomorrow + they have been fantastic. Thank you so much. I have not taken any tablets + have felt comfortable & confident...Flying to Kirai tomorrow followed by LA! It’s been superb".

Weight loss—Bruce
“excellent service, I can’t believe how easy the overall experience was and it really worked. Well done. I've lost more than 8lbs in first 4 weeks".

Stopped smoking 30 per day—Brian of Ascot
"I used to smoke 30 cigarettes per day for 20 years and gave up smoking after just one session with you. Thank you for giving me my life back".

Social confidence—Kathy, Chertsey
“It was a very positive experience, it was good to focus on and remember to be positive. I’m heading in the right direction now".

Moth phobia—Jane
"I’ve suffered with this ever since I was a teenager and I cannot believe how simple and fast the whole process was. I have real confidence now to visit more places without being afraid".

Depression— Elizabeth
"Your patience and understanding helped me recover from my depression.  I’m now free of the “Pills” and have started feeling positive once more. Thank you".
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