Are the sessions confidential?
Yes absolutely confidential...

At bring2mind we completely respect every client's confidentiality. We understand that many clients do not wish that even their family to know they have been for help with some conditions.

We will ALWAYS check with all clients how and indeed if they would like to be contacted by us. We will NEVER call you unless you have agreed its ok to do so.

When calling clients on the number they provide we will ALWAYS say its bring2mind calling for Mr/Mrs/Miss X and we will NEVER disclose the nature of the call to anyone other than the client.

We are happy to conduct all communications by e-mail up to the point of booking a session where we always need to confirm with the client in person details of the session. This assures you, the client, a totally confidential service at all times and respects your privacy.

We NEVER keep client information beyond the agreed therapy and will NEVER release email/telephone numbers to anyone outside bring2mind.
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