depression affects most of the population at some time in their lives

Feelings of depression can affect nearly 75% of us at some time in our lives.

 With all the stresses and pressures on people these days its perhaps not surprising that clinical depression is on the increase in the western world and seeking professional and safe help though clinical hypnotherapy is now recognised as one of the most effective treatments.

The national institute for clinical excellence (NICE) in the UK, now suggest that "talking therapies" should be sort by doctors BEFORE any other form of drug treatment is prescribed. This is because they now recognise that the effects of depression are nearly always caused by the way we feel and think and NOT by some imbalance in our hormonal or genetic makeup.

The therapists at bring2mind were trained by Uncommon-Knowledge in the UK and they are widely recognised as one of the leading organisations for treating depression through hypnosis and good nutritional information. Call us today and discover how we can help you deal with your depression and help prevent its return.                                           Call today and lift that depression

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