Fears and Phobias
Lose those limiting fears forever, often in only one session with b2m

Many of our clients worry that they are the only one with a particular fear or phobia.

If you are afraid of spiders (one of the most common phobias), birds, butterflies, hieghts or flying, we've dealt with them all in the same calm relaxed way.

We NEVER use exposure therapy and never confront our clients with their fears. No matter how traumatic the experience we specialise in using a "rewind technique" that detaches the fear/emotion from the object of your phobia.

Clients are often amazed at the results they experience from one session with us. Many people who have experienced life long phobias have left completely cured and able to live their life as they never dreamed possible only minutes before the session.

So, if you are terrified of buttons or cannot stand the idea of needles we are able to help you and hundreds like you.

Call us today and we'll be only too pleased to give you more details of how we can help and how easily you can book a session with us.

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