What do the sessions cost?
We have a fixed fee structure

At bring2mind we have a fixed fee structure per session. Sessions last from between 1 hour (minimum) and 2 hours (maximum)

Because all clients are unique and we tailor the sessions to be as beneficial as possible in the time available, the therapists always retain control over the session timing. You ONLY pay the agreed session amount regardless of the time for the session. We don't believe in clock watching and unlike some therapists who charge by the hour we believe the client gets better value and feels less "rushed" if we tailor the session to their needs rather than the clock.

To provide this fixed fee structure we have a scale of charges that we'll be happy to discuss or e-mail to you on request. Typically sessions last from 1 hour to 90 minutes with some sessions (usually stop smoking for good sessions) lasting up to 2 hours max.

You will always know the session fee when you book. There are NO hidden charges or minimum number of sessions required.         
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