Hypnotherapy...what's it all about?
What can I expect during my session with bring2mind?

Many of our clients have never been to a therapist before and we're often asked the same questions prior to any session...for more of these frequently asked questions FAQ's click here 

In solution focussed therapy we concentrate on working with you to gain maximum benefit in the shortest time possible. You are always in control of the number and duration of the session/s at a price agreed when you book.

There are NO hidden charges or obligations.

A session typically lasts from 60-90 minutes (at the discretion of the therapist and at no extra charge beyond the fixed and agreed session fee).

During your session we will spend time in clearly establishing your goals and expectations from the session.

Only when you you are totally comfortable with your therapist and your goals will any formal hypnosis begin. Remember you CANNOT be hypnotised against your will so don't feel anxious about just relaxing deeply and enjoying the experience.

Hypnosis is mearly a narrowed focus of attention, which is in turn a pleasant and comfortable experience similar to reading a good book. You will remain concious at all times and always in control.

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